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Janelle’s approach to her craft is embodied in her credo “Life can be difficult, your hair shouldn’t be.” She delivers on that guiding principle thanks to her mentor – Kathy Simon.


Janelle embraces Simon’s “Foundational Approach,” which emphasizes basic shape for easy, lower-maintenance hair. Goldwell Master Colorist and a certified Curly Hair Expert are among Janelle’s impressive credentials that help her provide a rich repertoire of cut and color expertise.

Janelle’s other credo is “When life gets difficult, head to the beach!” Sun, sand and rolling waves offer the perfect respite for this busy professional and mother of two, who’s all about the reward system.

I've been going to Janelle since the salon opened and could not be happier!

The salon has products specifically for curly hair, which I think have helped my hair over the years.

Treat yourself to a facial upstairs and you will not be sorry!

It's always such a pleasure to spend time pampering myself. 

Very good products and a wonderful place to go to in

downtown Lombard.  

Follow this salon on social media to keep updated on specials, etc.

Everyone I send is always so happy!





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A certified Master Colorist with the prestigious Goldwell Academy, Felicia is Fringe’s in-house color expert. Felicia is just as adept at cut as she is at color and
generously shares her knowledge of on-trend hair design with Fringe’s newer talent.

Felicia’s growing list of credentials includes being a Balayage Enthusiast, Color Corrections Pro, and certified Safe In My Chair Specialist.

Away from the salon, Felicia and her husband like to feed their appetite for travel and adventure. When she’s not off hiking in a National Park, Felicia is often planning their next getaway, elbow-deep in their latest home improvement project, or outdoors nurturing flowers in her garden.

I absolutely love fringe! I have been going to Felicia for years and there is no one else I would trust with my hair!


She always takes time to look through photos of inspiration and make sure I absolutely love my cut and color!


She truly never disappoints and always knows what will work best for my hair!


I come in with a general idea and she takes it and customizes it to me and my hair!


Love Felicia and everyone at Fringe!


Absolutely worth it!




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Kelsie comes to Fringe by way of Minnesota, where she graduated from the PCI Academy. While her look is soft and pretty and her disposition “Minnesota Kind,” Kelsie has an artsy side that she loves to explore through cuts, colors and styles that are unique and trending. She’s also experienced in special occasion styling and trained in multiple hair extension techniques.

Kelsie’s childhood fulfilled every little girl’s fantasy – she owned a horse, a quarter horse named Molly. These days she’s living the dream with her firefighter husband and a lower-maintenance pet – their rescue dog Hali.

So, I kinda cheat on my regular hairstylist (who happens to be my friend)

with Kelsie.  


I was referred to Fringe (by Robin) and I'm so glad I found this little gem!  Kelsie takes the time to listen to what I'd like, offer suggestions and seems methodical about her craft.  I always leave happy because she gets it right every time.

 The only downside is that I have to come up with excuses when I actually

do see my friend! 

The salon itself is very warm and welcoming and the staff is super friendly!  The prices are competitive.  

Highly recommend!

-Kris L



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A graduate of Tricoci University of Beauty Culture, Jen’s passion for hair was born of her quest to maintain beautifully defined curls and to conquer humidity. 


Jen’s full-service beauty pro talents satisfy almost every need with services including bridal hair and makeup, barberry (men’s cuts), and most recently, she added Advanced Curly Hair Specialist to her growing list of credentials. Jen loves helping clients love

their hair again.


When a little escape is needed, Jen transports herself to places where capes and flying are the norm, well for characters in Marvel and DC Comic movies that is. In the real

world, Jen finds happiness filling the role of supermom for her kids and husband. If stranded on a deserted island with only one kind of food and drink Jen would choose margaritas and pizza, after all, who could ever tire of that combination?

I just want to thank Jen for making me fall in love with my curls again!

I struggled to find a stylist who knew what they were doing with my curls.  Doing some research and booking an appointment with Jen felt like my last resort.  She made me feel welcome and took her time with my curls.  She gave me some great hair tips and made me feel good walking out of the salon. 

My hair has never looked better!

Thanks, Jen!!




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A high achiever at the Paul Mitchell School, McKenzie earned top honors in cut, color, and texture. Her post-graduate credentials include a little something for everyone. As a certified Curly Hair Expert, McKenzie knows all the tricks to add definition, bounce, and shine to curls. She has the golden touch, as a blonde specialist, creating blondes that defy detection, and can

add volume and body with her extension expertise.


McKenzie's a morning person who loves the peace and serenity of a morning walk with her puppy Luke. Luke and her hairless cat (not her doing, he was bred that way) Zeus, keep life interesting with cuddles, mischievous antics, and fighting as siblings are known to do. When not with her fur babies, McKenzie loves to visit California and could spend all day at Newport Beach enjoying its flawless sands, and sparkling turquoise waters.

Shout out to McKenzie 


who fixed my hair!

U are the best and

I owe you my life!





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Amanda is a master stylist and certified Curly Hair Expert. She was blessed with beautiful natural golden locks and specializes in blonding, updos, and trendy cuts for men, like fades. She is also skilled at suggesting the best products to help improve
unique hair situations. 

Amanda grew up in the industry, surrounded by beauty professionals, and was so passionate about hair, she graduated high school as a certified stylist, equipped to start her career before most people her age.
Amanda’s happy place is the West Coast, Monterey California to be exact. She likes shopping for new styles and indulging her senses while restaurant hopping. She is more practical than extravagant, if given a $5,000 “vacation spree,” she would head straight for Sam’s Club, then possibly Monterey.

Go to Fringe and ask for Amanda!  You will NOT be disappointed trust me!!

She gave me just a little trim to add some texture to my already short hair, and it changed my haircut more than I thought it could in such a nice way!

Everybody was so friendly and welcoming, the entire ambiance was so relaxing and soothing as well!

-Carrie N



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Meet Sophie, a valedictorian of Pivot Point Academy, whose passion for cosmetology started with braiding back in high school. Sophie offers a full cut and color repertoire, adding sun-kissed dimension with balayage and sparkle with her blonding services, but Sophie’s true superpower is braiding.
We’re talking hair sculpture, updos extraordinaire, amazing twists, and intricate weaves. Check her out on Instagram @styles.bysoph. Sophie also educates her guests, “If I can make their at-home hair routine any easier that is a win for me!” 
In her downtime, she loves spending time with family and using her nimble fingers and guitar playing talent, as part of a sister act strumming classic rock tunes with her twin.

Don’t be fooled by Sophie’s young visage, she owns an eclectic vinyl collection with her sister, and knows quality vinyl when she sees it.

I had the BEST experience at Fringe yesterday!

Sophie gave my virgin dirty blonde hair a cool-toned blonde balayage and it turned out AMAZING!

Everyone there was super patient and friendly and they also checked everyone's temperature before their appointment.


Highly recommend!




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A graduate of Pivot Point Academy, Zee has known her calling since high school when she jump-started her career through vocational training. Today Zee loves what she does so much she says “Doing hair doesn’t even feel like work . . .it is that fun!”


Downtime often finds Zee spending time with family and cuddling with her two rescue cats, Winston, and Ollie. Zee’s creative genius extends beyond the confines of the salon. Using acrylic paint, she can transform blank canvases into beautiful floral or funky abstract
expressions. Nature also holds allure for Zee, whose desire is to someday go adventuring in the landscapes of Colorado. Until then, she keeps her wild side alive with hikes and long walks.


Zee at Fringe is the absolute best!!


Every time she does my hair I leave feeling absolutely fabulous and in love with my hair!!






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Jessica is a graduate of the Paul Mitchell Cosmetology School. She has over six years of experience dazzling her guests with her color expertise. Jessica’s favorite hair color to work with is blonde but finds any color fun. As a color specialist, Jessica has achieved what most of us spend our entire careers looking for, work that is so fun, it doesn’t feel like work!

Jessica grew up in Lombard and often returns for quality time with her family who still lives in the area. Jessica’s happily ever after began two years ago when she married her soulmate. Jessica and her husband are the proud pet parents of their dog Paisley, who gets all of their love and attention anytime they are together



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Stephanie began her career at Paul Mitchell in 2019; however, she uses the knowledge she learned long before in her work at Fringe. Remember when you were a kid in science class thinking, “When am I ever going to use this?” Most of us rarely use what we learned in science class; however, Stephanie is an example for all of us. Stephanie’s favorite salon service is all things color. Unlike most of us, Stephanie uses what she learned in class to understand the science behind a client’s unique hair chemistry. Stephanie then creates a strategy tailored to each client to help them achieve the color they have always desired.

Ever wish you could go back in time to a favorite age? Well for Stephanie that would be 21 because this was an age where career and fun achieved the ultimate balance creating the perfect life. Fast forward to the present and a perfect day in Stephanie’s current life would include cuddles with her perfect dog Blue, fun with friends, bowling, playing pool, or savoring the diversity, sites, and food that Chicago has to offer.

Stephanie was fantastic. She gave me an incredible haircut and was really receptive to my desires.




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Gold is a rare, precious metal that is perceived as a symbol of power. It has been worshiped, used for jewelry, as money, and as an investment tool. Lia has the prowess to harness the power and prestige of gold with her blonding services, combining countless variations of gold to leave you feeling like true royalty.  

Lia loves the learning opportunities at Fringe and the comfortable environment, which allows her to laugh and joke with everybody. Lia loves to laugh and loves making others laugh. After all, laughter is the best medicine. With the ability to harness the power of gold and heal others with laughter, we now know that Lia is a force to be reckoned with.

When she is not working with gold or healing others Lia’s best nights are spent sitting around a crackling bonfire, listening to country music, laughing, of course, and talking with friends. If granted three wishes, one of Lia’s wishes would be to travel anywhere in the world at any time for free! Working with gold, healing laughter, bonfires, and free unlimited travel? Lia is definitely onto something. 

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Ever envy people who like their job and are actually good at it? Well, we can add Emma to our list. Emma started her journey at Paul Mitchell the School Lombard and soon discovered her gift for cutting, styling, and makeup. Not only does she like these services, but she is brilliant at them. Emma can basically do everything! Need a routine trim? Emma’s your girl. Time for a new look? Emma’s your girl. Have a wedding or other event and need absolutely everything? Once again… Emma. She's like a superhero with a utility belt full of talents, ready to save the day in any situation.

Salon services are not the only things that bring Emma joy. Audiobooks help her pass the time during her adventures in the land of traffic jams. Kangaroos because they “just seem like they’re having a good time.” Carbs and coffee also made the list. Need I say more?


On a deeper note, Emma possesses a remarkable sensitivity to the gestures of humanity, where love reveals itself through the simplest acts. Her kind, selfless nature was further revealed when asked what she would wish for if she had three wishes. She included her family in all three wishes for financial stability, health, and happiness. Emma shines with kindness, radiates fun, and dazzles with her undeniable talent.

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Michelle lovingly created Fringe to her exacting standards and inspired vision. An award-winning stylist in her own right, she now works behind the scenes instead of behind a chair to ensure you have an amazing experience, every visit.

Michelle has built Fringe into a market leader and top teaching salon that prides itself on a culture of continuous learning and creative collaboration. Clients benefit from talented, passionate stylists trained in the latest techniques and skilled in on-trend hair design.

Along with building her business, Michelle and her staff are building a legacy of generous giving. The Fringe family supports their neighbors, strengthens their
community, and gifts individuals with kindness and confidence through donated services.

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